bittersweetmeee's Journal

1 December
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do you like horses? i like horses. whats your favorite number between 3 and 6 mines 12. what's your favorite color mines pink do you like pink? my grandmom likes cats.

good god i love chris!

likes: my best friends! because were so greeaaaat! wawa coffee. paul's ducks. a boy, stephanie... matt... ryan.. and my little whore stacy!!!!POP PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! things mentioned above, jello, the gfyc and all those that are in it, rain, summer, wildwood, PRINCE...and goooooooood times

dislikes: FAKE PEOPLE... mostly everyone besides the few i'm always with. school, and the teachers who work there, when my car is being stupid, when i can't find chapstick, when i dont have any cigeretts, SPELLING, ketchup and all that goes along with that